Middleton Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom features a modern shower and bath combo with highlight wooden flooring and window frame.

This renovation was a collaboration between Mark, the owner and the owner’s contractors. The owner completely stripped out the bathroom of all linings and fittings so when Mark arrived he began work by straightening and installing insulation (not there before) in the external wall and floor. The walls were then relined with Aquiline, a new cradle built for the bath to sit in, new vanity and new toilet installed.

It was also noticed during the rebuild that some of the weatherboards on the outside wall were rotten and leaking so Mark was able to replace those while he was working there.

To finish the new bathroom, rimu skirting and architraves were installed.

“Mark renovated our bathroom to a high standard with effective hassle-free management of sub-contractors when needed. We are thrilled with the result! He was courteous, considerate, reliable and tidy.”

Middleton Homeowner

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July 31, 2020